cat bestpractices


Top Ten Strategies for the Advertising Department

  • Study at Risk Advertisers
  • Improve specific business/industry categories
  • Demonstrate value to specific high profile positions
  • Use RAM to upsell size of ads with specific increases in number of readers
  • Use RAM to look at specific advertiser target groups
  • Reinforce value to your best customers
  • Examine the power of a benefit headline in relation to purchase consideration
  • Add relative questions to standard ad measurements through ad hoc
  • Show advertiser results across multiple platforms
  • Add RAM to an annual agreement as added value for an increase in revenue



In the years that we’ve been using RAM it has become an essential part of our presentations to
advertisers. It gives us the diagnostic data that we need to demonstrate the value of newspapers to advertisers.

-Phil Witherow, Director of Research, The Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News