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A-Lehdet - Using Inviso measurements to increase knowledge of the web audience and increase the effectiveness of campaign measurements


A-lehdet is a Finnish media company that publishes magazines, which cover all fields of life from house repairs and decoration to cooking, free-time activities and well-being. A-lehdet is one of the largest magazine houses in Finland. is a blog portal and social media community for active women owned by A-lehdet. Lily’s areas of subject are fashion, beauty, home, wellness and travel. Lily's content is made by professional journalists and over 6000 bloggers – both readers and advertisers together. website has approx. 170 000 weekly visitors.

  • A-lehdet started channel as a part of the multi panel, during autumn 2013
  • Every blog has its own target group. Understanding different needs and interests plays a key role.
  • The objective was quantify the role and effects of web and content marketing as part of campaign results, eg. concerning recommendations / testimonials.
  • Another goal was to improve the reliability of measuring the web audience (reaching the target group that has actually exposed to the content / advertising).


A-lehdet started using the online audience tracking tool RAM Inviso in the autumn of 2013. Inviso was used for mapping the characteristic / demographics of different target groups reading Lily's blogs. Simultaneously, an easy and reliable way of measuring display advertisements was created.

  • Inviso was used to measure the readers' interests of the most popular blogs and to find out how many people have been exposed to advertising over the selected time span. This enabled to target the advertising post-measurements exactly to the target audience, which had been exposed to advertising during the campaign.
  • The post-tests directed to the exposed (content marketing and display) yielded information of how much more Lily has increased the effectiveness and reach of different campaigns.
  • Inviso measurement results provided valuable information about readers' interests, commitment, referral and willingness to purchase.
  • The study also provided information about the time of day when the target group can best be reached, and how many times different target groups have been exposed to advertising (frequency).
  • Example: A cosmetic advertiser had campaign, that consisted of print and display advertising and native advertising with some of the popular bloggers. Inviso and ad measurements were used to study the effectiveness and recommendations together with how much web has brought additional value to campaign results.


Case: Strengthening the image of an advertiser in cosmetics industry
Goal: To strengthen the image, to create some buzz and emotion around the brand
Target Group: women 30-54 years
How? Test group, print and online campaign, newsletter, blog cooperation

  • RAM Inviso measurement was used to monitor the visitors exposed to advertising at Lily website, which was followed by ad survey. Total number of exposures was 503 000, reach (exposed to advertisement) was 61 400 and 27 600 noticed the ad (ad recall 45%).
  • After Lily's ad measurements, the results were combined with print measurement results to get the reach of the campaign and the additional activation score to whole campaign brought by Lily.
  • Of those who had seen the campaign in print or web, 21-44 % was willing to recommend a product.
  • Those who had seen the ad both in print and web, even 88 % were willing to recommend a product
  • Consumers who saw the ad both in magazine and online, got a clearer picture of the brand
  • The results confirmed that each channel has its own important role in the successful multi-media campaign.


We did a series of editorial content measurements with RAM using their user friendly tools. We decided to measure articles during one year.

Our main goal was to find out what kind of articles engage readers and keep them subscribing the newspaper. The articles were analyzed using Article Snapshot and WAI (Wilberg article index), tools in RAMetrics analyzing toolkit.

Article Snapshot is used for showing the correlation between the overall impression of the article and other statements. Wilberg Article Index (WAI) presents articles in a fourfold table depending on their reading and engagement. The engagement factor consists of the following statements concerning the article: appeals to me, well written, interesting and important content. The articles with the highest scores in reading and engagement are placed in the upper right corner called the Blockbuster. The upper left corner includes the articles with a high reading but low engagement. The articles in question might have for example many images attracting attention but the text is not considered interesting. The articles in the lower right corner engage the reader but they haven’t been noticed well. These articles may be targeted to a more specific target group, for example.

We went through the results with the research department and editorial staff regularly in order to achieve more engaging content for the newspaper. The measurements gave valuable information for developing editorial content into a more engaging direction. Based on the measurements it is important that the article is regarded as useful, well written and includes themes like nutrition, nature, traffic and ecological aspect.

-Karjalainen, Head of Marketing and Research Heli Räsänen


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