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CHALLENGE hosted an innovative fundraising campaign for Trócaire (the overseas development agency), highlighting awareness of unequal global access to clean water. Trócaire’s campaign focussed on Malawi, where drought and poor access to water characterise the majority of rural communities.


The campaign took the form of an interactive story, driving our visitors through different narratives based on their decision to donate or not. Readers could witness the positive effects of donating by clicking on one button. Conversely, clicking on a button and opting not to donate brought visitors through the difficulties encountered by villagers not getting their support.

Narrative content included videos, infographics, and slideshows.
The Irish Times tested reader reaction to Trócaire’s campaign via the RAM reader panel.


  • 86% agree the interactive story is a good initiative by Trócaire in highlighting issues of water shortage.
  • 78% strongly agreed the campaign is interesting. (Women were more likely than men to find it interesting.)
  • 47% agree they’re encouraged to donate having seen the campaign: In comparison, the average online charity advertisement in a United Kingdom- or Irish-based news media Web site will drive 16% of observers to express purchase interest (based on average scores of six charity sector Web ads tested on RAM’s software).

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RAM es un instrumento sencillo, rápido y digno de lo que vale del que se puede aprender mucho sobre el funcionamiento de la publicidad. Tanto si los resultados son buenos como si son malos, abren la puerta a discutir constructivamente con los clientes. También es una valiosa fuente de argumentos de venta. Nunca fui un gran aficionado a los aburridos tests de mensajes publicitarios, pero el método innovador de RAM me ha conquistado.

-Joachim Gröbe, Servicios de Márquetin, SÜDKURIER