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KXAN - Mercedes Benz

CHALLENGE Mercedes Benz of Austin was battling with a reputation crisis. The dealership had been getting some negative reviews about being off-putting and stuck up. Their goal was to brand themselves as a local, welcoming dealership.

PROCESS After meeting with them, our creative director came up with concepts to showcase iconic Austin things (Food Trucks, Willie Nelson, Dogs, and Tacos) to show the Austin audience they are from Austin and are just like them. After completion of the four spots, we wanted feedback from Austin viewers to help us pick which spot performed best. We used RAM Panel as a guide to which ads we should run for their schedule.

OUTCOME After getting the results and insights back from RAM, we saw that two of the spots (Willie and Dog) performed way better with audiences. We only ended up running the two spots instead of the four after the feedback we got from RAM. Knowing this information on the front end helped us greatly. We were able to secure a $200,000 TV buy with the help and strategic insights from RAM.


RAM es un instrumento sencillo, rápido y digno de lo que vale del que se puede aprender mucho sobre el funcionamiento de la publicidad. Tanto si los resultados son buenos como si son malos, abren la puerta a discutir constructivamente con los clientes. También es una valiosa fuente de argumentos de venta. Nunca fui un gran aficionado a los aburridos tests de mensajes publicitarios, pero el método innovador de RAM me ha conquistado.

-Joachim Gröbe, Servicios de Márquetin, SÜDKURIER