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Karjalainen – Engaging articles in regional newspaper


  •  Karjalainen is a daily newspaper published in North Karelia. It has 94 000 readers (national media survey, KMT 2014).
  •  Karjalainen decided to measure articles regularly during one year.
  •  Their main objective was to find out what kind of articles engage readers and keep them subscribing the newspaper.


  •  Karjalainen made 22 article measurements in 2014
  •  Results were analyzed using RAMetrics Article Snapshot and WAI (Wilberg Article Index) tools
  •  Article Snapshot is an analyzing tool for finding out the correlation between the overall impression of the article and other statements in the survey
  •  Wilberg Article Index (WAI) is a fourfold table where the articles are presented depending on their reading and engagement. The engagement factor consists of the following statements concerning the article: appeals to me, well written, interesting and important content.
  •  The articles with the highest scores in reading and engagement are placed in the upper right corner called the Blockbuster
  •  The upper left corner includes the articles with a high reading but low engagement. The articles in question might have for example many images attracting attention but the text is not considered interesting.
  •  The articles in the lower right corner engage the reader but they haven’t been noticed well. These articles may be targeted to a more specific target group, for example.


  •  According to Article Snapshot the strongest correlation in Karjalainen’s material was between the overall impression and usefulness of the article and the overall impression and how well written the article was.
  •  The most engaging articles after WAI (Wilberg Article Index) were either strongly local or useful in everyday life. The most engaging articles were dealing with nutrition, recycling, natural phenomenon and traffic.
  •  Actions: Karjalainen’s research department and editorial staff went and will go through the results on a regular basis in order to achieve more engaging content
  •  Conclusions: Measuring the articles gave valuable information for developing editorial content into a more engaging direction. Based on the measurements it is important that the article is regarded as useful, well written and includes themes like nutrition, nature, traffic and ecological aspect.



Las herramientas de estudio de RAM nos han proporcionado una visión valuosísima sobre la reacción de los clientes a los anuncios en línea e impresos, y eso nos ha ayudado a asegurar esta y otras campañas similares de un amplio abanico de anunciantes. El hecho de volver a invertir en publicidad es para los clientes un motivo de reflexión clave a la hora de tomar una decisión, ya que los presupuestos cada vez se controlan más. Los datos de RAM reconfortan y dan seguridad a la hora de tomar decisiones y ofrecer enfoques creativos

-Richard Bogie, director de Ventas de Publicidad, Johnston Press (Escocia)