Mediciones multicanal

RAM dispone de una herramienta que permite fusionar y evaluar las campañas que se realizan en varios canales de medios distintos. Por ejemplo, en una simple campaña multimedia impresa y en línea, o en combinaciones más complicadas con periódicos de pago, periódicos gratuitos, Internet, dispositivos móviles y TV. Los anuncios pueden evaluarse durante un período breve de 24 horas o ampliarse durante periodo de tiempo más largo.

La evaluación de una campaña muestra la cobertura global del anuncio, el impacto en los distintos tipos de medios y el número de veces de exposición.

Ventajas de las evaluaciones multicanal:

  • Muestra la cobertura de los distintos elementos de y para la campaña global.
  • Especifica como promedio en cuantos canales se ha advertido la campaña y cuantos momentos de exposición ha generado como promedio.
  • Ayuda al anunciante a entender lo que han proporcionado y han aportado los distintos medios a la campaña, así como la manera en que su cooperación ha generado el impacto global de la campaña.


"A Great Tool from Any Perspective - I have been working with RAM for over three years. The insights provided by the RAM studies are worth their weight in gold. For most clients, the cost associated with doing this type of market research is prohibitive. Consequently, being able to provide this type of research gives me a competitive edge.

RAM bridges the gap between high quality market research and affordability. Their surveys tap into the current market with speed and accuracy without sacrificing the quality and depth needed to understand today’s multi-screen advertising ecosystem. Using their reports has empowered me, as well as the sales and marketing teams at LIN Digital and KXAN, to be able to present actionable intelligence, in an easy to understand format. Personally, some of the best reactions from clients when reviewing these reports are their willingness to accept recommendations to their current go-to-market strategy. RAM has helped me close some very large deals with the research they have provided. It has also made me an indispensable member of my clients’ marketing initiatives."

-Jason Kovarik, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, KXAN

"RAM Panel offers my client detailed feedback from their target consumer. This tool gives myself and every other AE research and analysis to prove what works best for their client.”

-James M, Digital Marketing Consultant, KXAN 

“Great for added value to help guide current and future campaigns. It’s a high level business intelligence that our clients see as powerful and relevant.”

-Aaron B, Digital Marketing Spec, KXAN

“RAM is an excellent resource for any business wanting a greater understanding of who their audience is and what they want. The research they do is second to none.”

-Jason Kovarik, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, KXAN

“RAM panel testing removes our own personal prejudices about the work and instead replaces that with the reaction of appropriate customers."

-Catfish Russ, Creative Director, KXAN

“The insights provided by the RAM studies are worth their weight in gold.”

-Jason Kovarik, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, KXAN