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Editorial and Content insights

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A number of products, including Article quality and effect, Content marketing effect, Page traffic, Page tests and engagement testing helps you to understand and enhance your products regardless of channel. Test content in mobiles, Online, in the paper or magazine or anywhere else you want to secure the right quality and standards. All metrics can be combined with more than 40 sociodemographic variables.

Brand Performance and Brand Lift – Offline and Online

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The Brand Performance and Brand Lift are a combined study to analyze a particular business sector to determine the market position, knowledge, and perception from the consumers, before and after a advertising campaign.

Advertising insights and receipts

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Get to know the real quality and effects of your ads. How many and what target groups have really seen your message. Is the brand as familiar it should be. Did the target group understand and appreciate your communication. And most important, did they take action. Pick up the stories for the sales teams to better interact with advertisers to get more business.


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Rametrics is your tool for Market Analysis insights and shows how your communication works. If you work for a Publisher you will find your Unique Selling Points how communication works within one of your Brand or in a combination of Brands. All insights are collected from every single survey measurements you have done in the RAM system.

Digital tracking, effects and conversion

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RAM Digital tracking solution is currently available in 5 markets but RAM has access to panelists in 80+ markets to do online Audience Measurements, survey and digital media Analysis.

With RAM Audience Measurements you will understand the reach, frequency, and demographics of the individuals, who visits your brand’s domains, sections and pages and the number of times they have been visited.

Training, education and consultancy

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RAM runs a number of different courses and training of various executives on an ongoing basis.
RAM conducts both small and larger consulting projects.
RAM drives all the consulting assignments that fall within the scope of our expertise and also falls within the framework of the broad knowledge we gathered in RAMterics, RAM’s aggregated database with more than 230,000 measurements.