RAM Digital tracking, effect and conversions

We believe that online measurement needs to be:

  • A hybrid solution and In real time, because activity online happens now
  • We challenge and invest in methodology and technology
  • We design our dashboards to be standardised but flexible in insight
  • We expand clients insight with hourly, daily and up to 6 weeks reporting AND Survey Insight


RAM’s Digital tracking solution is available in 80+ markets for online Audience Measurements, survey and digital media analysis

The RAM Eco-System in Practice for Ad Sales and Reporting


Domain Measurements

With RAM Audience Measurements you will understand the reach, frequency and demographics of the individuals who visit your brand domains, sections and pages and the number of times they have been visiting.

RAM’s Domain measurements serves 4 Areas within the Media space



Official Statistics

Using RAM as a measurement partner means that you can use any of the Audience information from RAM to accredit your offers to Agencies and Advertisers and officially publish your Audience Reach. RAM is an independent 3rd party company.


  • Reach: per day, week, month
  • Impressions
  • Sessions
  • Demographics & Interests
  • Per Platform
  • Per Ad section
  • Advertising Packages


Advertising Sales and Advertising Packages – Qualify your offer!

RAM Domain measurement is updated on a daily base. All collected data about your domain and your channels can be viewed by day, week,  month and up to 6 weeks of aggregated information. The date settings are flexible and can also be used across different months or in combinations of two weeks or three weeks – Wednesday to Wednesday, past 30 rolling days for example.

With this flexibility, your Advertising sales teams will have knowledge and insight as to how your Audience interacts with all types of content published on your web site, articles, web-TV, content marketing, Live Web TV broadcasting and more.

With this information,  your sales teams will be able to qualify your advertising offers and customise the share of voice the advertiser needs to reach the media objective of the campaign. Will the campaign appear on a specific channel, or in a combination of channels or Run of Site?

  • Qualify your Audience by:
    • Audience Reach
    • Loyalty/Frequency
    • Demographics & Interests
    • Per day, week, month
  • Run by site
  • Per Section
  • Vertical Ad Packages
  • Custom Ad Packages
  • Ad Effectiveness Studies

For the News desk – Who reads and interact with your published content

To fully understand who the audience are and the reach and profiles of these you use the RAM Inviso Domain measurement to research your audience. With this research, the newsdesk can in detail understand what content types that are relevant for your audience and drives loyalty metrics in terms of sessions and page impressions. As a content provider, the key will always be to get the audience to view more content than just one or two articles and to find the relevance that drives high loyalty and returning factors. This is the only way to continuously grow your Audience base.

With the RAM Inviso Domain measurements you can in more detail:

  • Understand your Audience by:
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Interests
    • Loyalty
    • Per day, week, month
  • Per Section / Main Genre
  • Per Sub Section / Genre
  • Per web-TV program & Article Type
    • Combine content
  • Content Surveys

For your Management Team

Online and Digital are or will be your largest window for your brand to reach your Audience and it will be if it is not already, your biggest source of revenue. To fully understand your domain usage and development over time RAM Inviso Domain measurements will enable you to discover out how your content increases loyalty, drives new audiences and decreases audience churn. Your loyal audience will always be the ones that are making more than three-page impressions during the chosen date period.


The above screenshots can be filtered by platform.

By serving your Audience with RAM’s survey capabilities you will continuously understand how to develop your domain and what type of content is relevant for your Audience.

The Management Team and Investors need to understand:

  • Audience development in total and per platform
  • Loyalty trends
  • Pages per person development
  • Content Drivers
  • Audience Churn
  • New Development
  • Per Brand and as Network

RAM Campaign Audience measurement and Ad effectiveness studies

Campaign Measurements – Present the campaign reach and plan the next campaign

RAM measures digital campaigns using the same panel and methodology as for domain Audience Measurement and delivers a dashboard with information of the individuals that have been exposed by both the overall campaign and per creative that has been used. With the campaign measurement, you can present how the media plan has performed compared to the campaign objective presented by the advertiser as a receipt of the campaign investment.

From here your team has a story to tell to the advertiser – who they reached and how often with demographics and age breakdowns in target groups. This is the starting point to discuss the next phase of the annual media objectives, start the media planning and find the next advertising package to reach the next phase.


Ad effectiveness Survey – How the exposed audience react
The campaign tracking gives RAM the opportunity to invite those exposed to an ad campaign survey and those invited will then answer a series of questions about Ad Recall, Brand Awareness, Engagement and Actions, such as purchase intent, visiting a store or visiting a home page.

Based on the advertiser predefined media objectives RAM gives the results of the campaign for you to benchmark. The advertiser will get the answer if the campaign actually lived up to the results they were planning for and if the ad design stood out and reached the targeted audience.