Brand Performance

The Brand Performance study will give both the advertiser and the publisher information on the position of the advertiser brand alone or in a combination of a competitive set of their industry competitors.

The Brand Performance study will use an X and Y axel in the graph to present the position of the Brand among the population (random country sample) or within the publisher’s online audience or subscribers to their print edition. From an Advertiser point of view the brand position in the study will give them information on their position compared to their brand objectives.

Based on the study the publisher and advertiser will discuss how the advertiser communication can develop to move the brand from position A to position B. The outcome of this discussion is a media plan over a number of months concentrating on how to reach the target group, how often and what to communicate to reach the final brand objectives.

The Brand Performance study presents all information in 3 graphs. The graphs will be a combination of the answered questions from the respondent of these questions:

  • How well do you know the following brand/brands?
  • Please indicate the brand/brands whose ads/commercials you see often
  • Please indicate the brand/brands that you often use/get in touch with
  • Please indicate the brand/brands that you have a favourable opinion of
  • Please indicate the brand/brands that you can recommend

Brand Lift

The Brand Lift study will show how the ad performs among the exposed group of the Audience that recalls the campaign within the media channel where the ad has appeared.

The purpose of the Brand Lift study is to show the Advertiser the impact that the campaign has on the Publisher’s audience, offline, online or both.

The Brand Lift study will show 3 graphs with X and Y axes. You can change and chose a different question on the X and Y axel so you have a multiple insights option depending on your research.