RAM, one of the world’s leading media research companies  and owner of the world’s largest reference database in communications, is now releasing a customised measurement tool that enables measurements of Content Marketing  on mobile phones, on tablets, on the web and in print.

There is a growing need to measure and benchmark all types of content marketing – both in print and online. Native- and content marketing services are developing rapidly and becoming increasingly important to be verified, evaluated and developed. To meet this need, RAM has created a tailor made measuring tool to evaluate the quality and value of content marketing.

There is a large and growing interest in content marketing among advertisers and the media industry. The area is growing, developing and attracting an increasing share of the advertising budget, but the big questions are the true short and long-term effects of content marketing. Are the unique effects as good as we hope, and how successful will they be in combination with other channels and other commercial elements of a media campaign? The great challenge is to understand the effectiveness of content marketing and its natural place in the media mix.

The survey tool is a hybrid between measuring the quality of content – editorial quality – and measuring the commercial quality – the ad effect. It is particularly important in the evaluation of content marketing to be able to measure both ”ad impact” and pure ”content quality”.

The measuring tool includes a question bank with options to choose any of the questions considered relevant. Only questions concerning recall of the content and thoroughness are obligatory. To truly take advantage of the power of content marketing you need regular monitoring of the campaigns. The results are presented in clear reports with distinct variable comparisons and possibilities to scrutinise the results of all valid variables.

RAM Content Marketing Panorama

The color coding of the RAM’s ad measurements reports are in line with the standard ad questions to allow comparisons – while the content/editorial questions are presented in purple graphs.

In the RAM reference database “Rametrics”, RAM clients can twist and turn all data, measurements and parameters stored over time, by using the pre made key reports. This also applies to all measured content marketing campaigns that can easily be analyzed in the readymade reports.

To get a better understanding of how different media channels communicate, advertising and content is essential to meet today’s tough media climate, especially with the ongoing digital transformation and the increasing competition of advertising budgets.

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