Answer the questions that your advertisers ask, and you find difficult to answer:-

  • Nobody reads print advertisements any more – do they?
  • Is print going to get my message across?
  • More importantly – are print ads going to drive purchase intent?

Use the data to simply highlight good news…..

More people are noticing print ads now than they were 10 years ago… Really?

These are just a few highlights from our extensive database.


RAM’s case study database for print advertising is a valuable tool for helping anyone in the media industry justify their decision to include print advertising on their media schedule.

With almost 4,000 case studies in the UK & Ireland, from over 900,000 interviews, this valuable resource can give media planners the confidence to know that their decisions are based on data, rather than gut feel.

If you are in any doubt as to whether print media delivers results, check out the attached highlights, and help silence those print critics.


To find out more, and arrange a demo of the full database, get in touch.

Dianne Newman

CEO RAM UK & Ireland | | +44 7476 904240