RAM, one of the world’s leading media research companies with the largest reference database in the world on how communication works, is now launching a state of the art Big-Data tool. This enables fast and comprehensive searches for results and insights from our unrivalled benchmarking database covering advertising, articles and content marketing across web, mobile, tablet, on television, radio and in print.  

For more than 15 years RAM has, in partnership with our 1 000+ customers in 18 countries, built a database on communication that is unique in the media business. Over 70 million interviews with more than 1 000 000 panelists have been conducted. All panelists are segmented with more than 40 sociodemographic variables and each survey is stored with a large amount of meta data per media channel and measured content. Every RAM customer has access to its own survey results in the database but can also benchmark themselves against the rest of the data through the reference database consisting of all surveys done by all customers, worldwide.

With the new Rametrics Big-Data tool customers can generate tailored reports and insights fast using information based on all measurement metrics in the database. They can also take advantage of a suite of standardised reports that have been honed by analysis of media usage with input from our media owner and publisher clients worldwide.

A deep understanding of how the varied and growing number of media channels work as communication vehicles for ads, articles and content marketing is necessary in order to stay ahead in the competitive media landscape, especially since the ongoing digital transformation of media makes the competition to reach consumers and to sustain ad revenues more challenging. The answers on what consumers actually want and appreciate when it comes to specific content, and the channel they want it in can be found in the RAM database at your fingertips. With Rametrics all data gathered is easily accessed in a simple and flexible way.

The answers on how an ad, an article or a content marketing piece are related and received, where they should be placed and to what audience segment they should be targeted, are all easily accessible in Rametrics. Get a picture of the best and the worst performing ads in each industry category and learn which consumers react to what content. With just a click of a button the RAM customer can create actionable metrics for decision making and provide this to advertisers, editorial management and sales and circulation departments.

”With the launch of Rametrics 2.0 we have created a tool that brings our unique database to life and reaffirms to our customers and partners that our pioneering methods to create a rock solid  foundation for intelligent and informed decision making are unrivalled in the market, says Staffan Hultén, founder and Chief of Methodology of RAM group”

“For customers who have not yet signed up for a license, a world of possibility and a treasure trove of knowledge awaits that will increase their understanding of what drives engagement, loyalty, brand awareness and sales. Coupled with the ability to conduct sophisticated multimedia measurements and our unique digital traffic and campaign effectiveness measurement tool Inviso, RAM has through the launch of Rametrics 2.0 completed a solution for media research that is simply “Best in class.” No other provider of media effectiveness insight comes close to RAM, concludes Staffan Hultén”       

To order your own licence for Rametrics contact your customer support team.
For more information call or mail Staffan Hultén on; +46703249193, or : staffan.hulten@rampanel.com