We often read about the importance of feelings and emotions in driving consumer attention, and engagement. Whilst decision making is generally viewed as a rational process, studies have shown that decisions and actions are very much influenced by feelings and emotions. People have been seen to post rationalise their reasons for purchase.

Two important questions to consider are:

  • How can emotions drive advertising effectiveness?
  • Which emotions have the most impact in terms of engaging the audience, and prompting them to take action?

 Understanding the answer to these 2 questions is key for any advertiser to ensure that they are producing advertising campaigns that increase the audience attention, enhance the product appeal and have an influence on their audiences intent to purchase or take action.

 Research & Analysis of Media (RAM) are delighted to share with you, unique analysis from over 800 case studies, from over 40,000 responses.

With over 20 years experience in measuring advertising effectiveness across the recognised metrics of recall, brand recognition, engagement and action, we can now bring you a new dimension to this data, through linking these results to our emotions database.

In 2016, we enhanced our emotions data, by not only asking whether an ad drives emotion, but understanding exactly what emotions & feelings are generated from each advertising campaign measured.

Using a detailed list of 40 emotions, we have categorised these into the following groups:-

  • Reactive (e.g startled)
  • Positive feeling (e.g. calm)
  • Positive emotion (e.g enthusiasm)
  • Negative feeling (e.g doubtful)
  • Negative emotion (e.g sorrow)
  • Care (e.g concerned)


RAM have partnered with DataTile to enable us to bring this data to life.

For the purpose of the analysis, we have categorised the emotions/feelings into Positive, Negative, Care and Reaction.

Download the infographic below for some top line results, or get in touch if you would like to see a demo of the full dataset.

Dianne Newman

CEO RAM UK & Ireland | dianne.newman@rampanel.com | +44 7476 904240